smart lotto

Common mistakes people make when playing the lottery

There are a number of ways that people can make a mistake when they play lotto online or even in person. But what should you be avoiding to increase your odds? Or at least not decrease your odds?

Common mistakes

Using a special date as a lottery number. If you use a date as your lottery number you’re limiting the numbers that you can get because they can only be numbers that appear on the calendar. That means they can only go up to 31. And you’ve eliminated half of the options. Also, whenever winning numbers contain only numbers between 1 and 31, there will be more winners - just because so many players use birthday numbers.

Using a pattern as a lottery number. Lottery numbers never come up in a pattern. If they did it would be a whole lot easier for people to win them. So if you’re following some type of numbering pattern of even or odd or multiples of something you’ve eliminated a lot of good options.

Using other people’s stories. You don’t want to look at other people online and believe that they are going to help you win the lottery. If they knew how to win the lottery why wouldn’t they have done it yet? They don’t know. They’re either messing with you or trying to get money.

Buying a system to help you win. If you pay good money to help you get a system that’s supposed to help you win or a computer program that’s supposed to crunch the numbers for you then you are wasting your money. You absolutely should not be spending your money on these things. They won’t help you.

Letting someone else buy your ticket. If you’re going to buy tickets don’t let someone else get it for you. And don’t get theirs for them. What would you feel like if you bought them a winning ticket or if they bought you one? Guilty, most likely and that’s not a good way to go with a relationship of any kind.

What you should do

Instead of any of these things, make sure you know where to play lotto online and that you are buying your own tickets every time. And if you absolutely have to play your ‘lucky numbers’ make sure they’re taking advantage of all of the possible numbers that could draw, not only a small portion of them. You want to have a great chance of winning after all and RedFoxLotto.com can help you with that.